Gergely Jakab Karz

  • Gergely Jakab Karz

As one of the conductors of our upcoming workshop on Large Language Models (LLMs), Gergely Jakab Karz brings a wealth of expertise in the realms of machine learning, computer vision, and software engineering. Currently serving as the Managing Director at Artillence Kft., Gergely has spearheaded projects involving custom CRM and business intelligence software for global automotive suppliers and a multinational technology conglomerate. His tenure as a Machine Learning Intern at Knorr-Bremse AG further enriched his understanding of AI-based computer vision pipelines and big-data processing in the transportation sector. With a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Gergely possesses a solid foundation in computational theory, embedded systems, and deep learning, culminating in his thesis on a Deep Learning Workbench for practical ML model development. Gergely’s accolades include first place in machine learning competitions and robotics challenges, along with patents for innovative systems enhancing vehicle navigation. With his comprehensive background and innovative mindset, Gergely promises an enlightening journey into the intricate landscape of LLMs, shedding light on both their remarkable capabilities and potential security vulnerabilities.