Terms of use

1. Scope of the Terms of Use

The present “Terms of Use” define the rules governing the use of the website accessible at http://bsidesbud.com. Such regulations do not apply to other externally linked websites within http://bsidesbud.com irrespective of their nature, of the services they offer or their operator.

2. Parties concerned

Service Provider:

Hacktivity Kft.
Web: http://hacktivity.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Tax number: 14744655-2-13
Registration number: 01-09-920588


The person using the services of the website, duly registered on the website. The User is referred to as “member” during the communication on the website. Only natural persons are entitled to be Users.

3. Purpose of the Website, Description of the Service

The http://bsidesbud.com website is the official site of the BSidesBUD 2019 IT security Conference; its primary goal is to disclose news and pieces information related to the Conference and to offer related community services.

4. Changes to the Terms of Use

The Service Provider maintains the right to unilaterally modify the Terms of Use. The Service Provider informs the Users about the changes by e-mail or on the login landing page before the changes come into effect.

5. Conditions of Use, Registration

Certain services offered by the website (e.g. comments, online polls, etc.) are only available to registered Users. Only natural persons are entitled to register and thus become members of the community. The data requested on the registration sheet are mandatory.

After registration the Service Provider sends an activation link to the registered e-mail address. The registration is completed by clicking on this link.

6. Password Use, Security

The security level of the password of each User is only known to the given User. In order to avoid abuses it is recommended to choose a “strong” password of higher security level and keep it confidential. The strength of the password is higher:

  • If the password is not characteristic of the User (e.g. first name, last name);
  • If the password is longer than six characters;
  • If the password contains small and large-case letters, numerical characters and other symbols.

The Service Provider shall not be responsible for misuse caused by an improper password choice or third-party access to the password granted by the User.

In case of a forgotten password the User should enter their e-mail address on the login page and use the “password reminder”. The Service Provider will send them a new password to the e-mail address provided during registration.

7. Fictitious Accounts

Should the Service Provider notice or be notified that data provided by the User do not identify the real User or data provided are false, it is entitled to temporarily suspend the access of the User until verifying the authenticity of the identification data and to request data from the User by e-mail in order to verify the authenticity of the data. The User shall contact the Service Provider within 48 hours of the dispatch of the e-mail, either by e-mail or phone in order to verify the authenticity of data and to put the related certificates at the disposal of the Service Provider within a further 72 hours.

8. Deletion of the Registration

The User is entitled to delete their account any time. No account shall be deleted if prohibited by the present Terms of Use or a regulation in force.

9. Services

Following registration Users are entitled to the use of the service offered by the website. The Service Provider maintains the right to modify the services under Section 4.

Creating a profile: Users can freely create their own profile and choose to disclose their data. The data management of this process follows the Privacy Policy.

10. Restrictions of Service Usage, Responsibility

Users may use the website at their own responsibility. The Service Provider is not responsible for damages and inconveniences suffered by the User during the use of the website owing to the lack of due care. Users disclose their data or make it accessible to third parties at their own responsibility.

Users shall show fair conduct in the use of the website and respect the rights and interests of others. The following prohibitions apply to all types of communication (for example posts, photos and hyperlinks). Users shall respect the restrictions hereunder so as to avoid violating the Terms of Use either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The website is entirely apolitical thus all User-content about politics or referring thereto will be removed without prior notice; if a User is found to induce tension he/she will be eliminated from the system.

Users shall comply with the effective laws and shall refrain from any activity that is illegal or offending to other Users. More particularly, Users shall:

  • Respect the privacy, personal rights and legitimate interests of others;
  • Refrain from the unlawful collection of information about others and the illegal exploitation of such information;
  • Refrain from committing a crime or infringement of law;
  • Respect intellectual property rights, in particular regulations concerning literary, scientific and artistic works, inventions, industrial design patterns, utility models, trademarks and geographical product markings under copyright laws;
  • Refrain from obscene, rude and other expressions that may shock others;
  • Refrain from all submissions that may offend, humiliate or instigate hatred against any national, ethnic, racial or religious group or any other clearly identifiable group or members of such a group.
  • Refrain from all expressions that may offend, humiliate or instigate hatred against any other person—irrespective of their User status—on account of belonging to any national, ethnic, racial or religious group or any other clearly identifiable group.

All Users shall refrain from activities that interfere with the intended use of the website. In particular, Users shall:

  • Refrain from sending unsolicited e-mails (“spam”), and chain letters (“hoax”);
  • Refrain from all kinds of communication that might interfere with or disrupt the intended use of the website by others;
  • Refrain from irrelevant, repetitive or otherwise disturbing submissions in open communication.

All Users shall refrain from any kind of activity that infringes the interests of the Service Providers. In particular, the Users shall:

  • Refrain from interfering with or disrupting the operation of the website;
  • Refrain from activity aimed at getting hold of and harvesting the trade secrets or any other confidential information of the Service Provider;
  • Refrain from communication that carries false information regarding the service;
  • Refrain from activities that endanger the IT security of the website;
  • Refrain from activities aimed at advertising products and services of their own or of others.

Furthermore, the Service Provider is entitled to set forth additional restrictions of which Users shall be informed.

11. Infringement Procedures

If the User violates the present Terms of Use, the Service Provider is entitled to suspend or delete their registration. In case the infringement results in legal proceedings the Service Provider will forward the user data collected upon registration to the competent bodies in accordance with the regulations concerning the given procedure.

Before suspending or deleting a registration the Service Provider warns the User to stop the objectionable conduct or prove that their behaviour does not violate the Terms of Use. The warning can be omitted if the delay would result in unavoidable damage or the apparent infringement of law.

In case the activity of a User infringes the rights or legitimate interests of someone, the aggrieved party(especially persons with infringed personal rights, victims of a crime or offence or the owners of intellectual property rights) can ask the Service Provider to remove the objectionable content and initiate the necessary proceedings against the User. The requesting party shall duly certify their eligibility. If the eligibility is certified the aggrieved party can request the Service Provider to block the infringing content for future proceedings. In this case the aggrieved party must certify the beginning of the legal proceeding within 60 days. The Service Provider will forward the blocked content and relevant data stored by them to the competent bodies in accordance with the regulations concerning the given procedure and body.

12. Responsibility of the Service Provider, Exclusion of Warranty

The Service Provider shall do all in its power to ensure uninterrupted and continuous service. It may practice the rights defined in the above section (Terms of Use, change of services, measures against Users, etc.) primarily for this purpose and in order to shape the service in line with User demands.

The Service Provider shall take all the necessary precautions to safeguard User data. The Service Provider is not responsible for the disclosure of User data by the User concerned.

The Service Provider shall inform the User about the suspension or deletion of their registration irrespective of the reason and strives at cooperation with Users and the peaceful settlement of debates.

As the service in question is free the Service Provider does not warrant uninterrupted service and is not responsible for the suspension or discontinuation of the service. The Service Provider strives at solving the possible interruptions and errors of operation arising during the operation of the website. The Service Provider, however, shall not be responsible for these. The Service Provider shall not bear responsibility for the conduct of Users.

13. Enforcement of Rights

Users can address their complaints and objections directly to the Data Controller who will do everything in his power to bring an end to and remedy the possible infringements. In other cases Users can enforce their rights in accordance with the effective legal regulations. Upon request the Service Provider shall inform Users how to do so.