Marc Rivero Lopez

  • Marc Rivero Lopez

Marc is a distinguished intelligence expert and an accomplished professional in reverse engineering, a combination that gives him an exceptionally versatile and valuable profile. His career is characterized by deep academic training and extensive practical experience in the field of intelligence, which has enabled him to capture and maintain the interest of audiences at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally.

In his crucial role within CERT/CSIRT teams at leading financial institutions, Marc has distinguished himself as the Head of Research. His solid background in intelligence has been a key asset in this context, proving to be an invaluable resource in identifying, analyzing, and solving complex security challenges.

His reputation as an expert in the field has made him a sought-after reference for his extensive knowledge, particularly in critical areas such as fraud, cybercrime, and targeted attacks. His leadership has been fundamental in the development of numerous research initiatives, which have significantly contributed to the advancement of knowledge in these areas.

In addition to his professional success, Marc stands out as a passionate and committed educator. He currently serves as the coordinator of the Master’s program in Computer Security at La Salle Barcelona, where his innovative approach and exceptional skills continue to have a positive impact on the training of the next generation of professionals in the fields of intelligence and security.