Win a 2TB iStorage diskAshur at #BSidesBUD2019!

Hi Folks, we are glad to announce that there will be an exciting CTF game during #BSidesBUD2019 called CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag developed in H.A.C.K. by six, kunkori, null and fellow hackers.

The main prize of the game is an iStorage diskAshur with 2 TB capacity and 256 bit encryption, offered by our silver sponsor and WiFi provider, Biztributor.

What is iStorage diskAshur?It is a portable encrypted USB 3.0 Hard Drive with real-time XTS-AES hardware encryption, software free design and super-fast data transfer speeds. With an easy-to-use keypad design and software free setup, the iStorage diskAshur enables you to securely access the drive with your own unique PIN on any operating system including embedded systems.

What’s CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag about?
The world is moving towards decentralized networks and smart contracts, but are they secure enough? Top level managers of the BlockICO company think so, however, some hackers may prove them very wrong. The following guide gets you started on the road of becoming an Ethereum hacker. Read carefully for some hints:
The goal of the challenge is to collect as much Ethereum as possible from the CTF coins by hacking wallets & exploiting vulnerabilities. If you can take coins through the provided infrastructure from other players, it’s allowed of course, because it’s a wargame!
How scoring works? Simple:
Flag == Wallet && Proof == You took the wallet’s balance to your account.
The list of challenges will be announced at the start!
Anyone can take part in this game during the conference, but only visitors of #BSidesBUD2019 (with valid tickets) can win the prizes of CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag:

  • 1st prize: iStorage diskAshur (2TB, 256 bit) offered by Biztributor + #Hacktivity2019 ticket, T-shirt & hoodie
  • 2nd prize: #Hacktivity2019 ticket, T-shirt & hoodie
  • 3rd prize: #Hacktivity2019 ticket

Get ready for the game and stay tuned for more exciting info about #BSidesBUD2019! 😉

The BSidesBUD Crew

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