WORKSHOP REGISTRATION starts today for #BSidesBUD2019

Hi Folks, there are only 3 days left until #BSidesBUD2019 and the registration for WORKSHOP sessions will start today at 10 A.M. There will be 5 comprehensive workshop sessions throughout the day and the number of seats is limited, so be sharp and ensure your place! Click here for registration!

Please note that you can only attend the workshop session you have registered for.

IMPORTANT: Only people who have bought their ticket to the conference can take part in the workshop sessions. If you do not have your ticket yet, hurry up and GET ONE NOW, as the online ticket sales will come to an end on 26th March (tomorrow)!

We also would like to raise your attention to the CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag game developed in H.A.C.K. by six, kunkori, null and fellow hackers. Registration for this CTF game is open as well! It will start on 28th March 2019 at 8:40, after the opening of BSidesBUD conference. Click here for registration!

The main prize of the game is an iStorage diskAshur with 2 TB capacity and 256 bit encryption, offered by our silver sponsor and WiFi provider, Biztributor.

What’s CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag about?
The world is moving towards decentralized networks and smart contracts, but are they secure enough? Top level managers of the BlockICO company think so, however, some hackers may prove them very wrong. The following guide gets you started on the road of becoming an Ethereum hacker. Read carefully for some hints: The goal of the challenge is to collect as much Ethereum as possible from the CTF coins by hacking wallets & exploiting vulnerabilities. If you can take coins through the provided infrastructure from other players, it’s allowed of course, because it’s a wargame!
Get ready for BSidesBUD2019 and see you on Thursday!
The BSidesBUD Crew

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