Hi Folks! There is only one day left until #BSidesBUD2019 and we would like to provide some important information for you regarding the conference.

Please arrive on time! The conference starts at 08:30, but you’ll have to register on the spot in order to get your armband, so we recommend you to show up around 07:45-08:00. It’s more comfortable if you can take your seat relaxed and don’t have to rush, isn’t it? Another reason is that the number of T-shirts is limited (the first 300 visitors will get a BSidesBUD T-shirt), so if you want one, don’t be late! 😉
Lurdy Konferencia- és Rendezvényközpont – 1st floor of Lurdy Ház
Könyves Kálmán blvd. 12-14.
1097 Budapest, Hungary
COODS: (47.470003, 19.084291)
If you come to the conference by car, you can use the outdoor parking lotbehind Lurdy Ház. Normally you have to pay for parking above 3 hours, but if you tell us after registration that you need a parking ticket, we’ll provide you one and you can leave the parking lot without paying.

Registration at the venue
Please don’t forget to print out your tickets you received OR bring the QR-code of the ticket on your mobile phone, so we can check you in. If you do not have a ticket, don’t worry, you can still buy one at the venue.

Coffee break
There will be a 20 minutes coffee break in the program from 10:25 to 10:45. During this period you can have coffee and some non-alcoholic drinks for free at the catering room. Please note that the amount of beverages is limited.

Lunch break
As #BSidesBUD2019 is a low-cost conference, unfortunately, we don’t have a budget to provide you lunch. During the 45 minutes long lunch break you can have some food at Lurdy’s restaurants next to the Conference Center.

Workshop sessions
If you’ve registered for a workshop it would be great if you could bring an extension wire/hub. There will be some in the workshop room, but we would appreciate if you could help us by bringing your own. Please don’t forget to check the system requirements of each workshop you’ve signed up for!

Exhibition hall
Besides the Conference Hall there will be exciting presentations at the Exhibition Hall as well, you can check the more detailed schedule at the official website of #BSidesBUD2019. 😉
Exciting programmes
There will be a CTF game during the conference called CryptoCurrency (is) The Flag developed in H.A.C.K. by six, kunkori, null and fellow hackers. The main prize of the game is an iStorage diskAshur with 2 TB capacity and 256 bit encryption, offered by our silver sponsor and WiFi provider, Biztributor. Registration for the challenge has already started, for more info about the game, check out the official website of #BSidesBUD2019!
Biztributor booth: Follow the crowd in real time!
The Wi-Fi network provided by Ruckus comes with SPoT location analytics feature: deployed on top of Ruckus WLANs, it detects client locations in real-time through drop-pin analytics and heatmap. You can also experience the Ruckus SmartCell Insight dashboard, which provides a quick understanding of what’s happening on the network: from capacity usage to quality metrics.

 BlackCell booth:
• Mini CTF: We hid a secret recipe which you can find if you successfully complete the exercise. Leave your heavy hash cracking notebook at home, and use a lightweight android app called Termux, a terminal emulator, to complete the game.
• OSINT: One of our former colleagues had sold one of our superb source code to someone. All traces has been removed except one file. This file can be the starting point of your investigation. Your mission is to find out who is behind the act: who was the seller, what was sold to whom and to what kind of „hostile” organization. The first 5 players will win a special prize! For more information contact us at our booth.

PwC will bring an ESCAPE ROOM to #BSidesBUD2019 where participants can escape by solving exciting IT security challenges. You can register for the escape room challenge at the venue.

Bosch booth: 
There will be a short QUIZ at the Bosch booth. Participants who solve the quiz can win a Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver.

 Layout of #BSidesBUD2019:
We hope that you’ll have a great time and #BSidesBUD2019 will be a great experience for you again!

See you all tomorrow!
BSidesBUD Crew
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