BSidesBUD2020 official program: 2 parallel tracks with presentations!

Hi Folks, we are thrilled to announce the official program of #BSidesBUD2020 that is going to take place at its usual venue, Lurdy Conference Center on 26th March 2020! This year there will be two parallel tracks with presentations: BUDA Conference Hall and PEST Conference Hall, and one track with 2 hours long comprehensive workshop sessions! 24 speakers are coming from 15 different countries to bring you the latest trends and topics of IT security.

So many excellent talks have been submitted this year, that we had to extend the program. In order to keep things manageable, we decided to add one more track so we can provide you a much wider scale and the opportunity to learn new things.

Unlike last year, the conference will start at 09:00 and the last presentations will end at 17:05. You’ll find some familiar faces among the speakers, but we wanted to maintain the freshness of the event with new presenters as well.

You can check out the presentations and the workshop sessions at the official website of #BSidesBUD2020, and don’t forget to get your ticket in time!

Best regards,
The BSidesBUD Crew

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