BSidesBUD2020 is coming in 1 week and will be organized as an online conference!

Hi Folks, we want to share exciting news with you! As you all know, the pandemic has turned the whole world upside-down. Safety of our speakers and audience is the top priority for us, but we do not want to let anyone down by simply just canceling our conference, that is why we decided to hold the #BSidesBUD2020 IT Security Conference as an online event on 28th May. This is going to be #BSidesBUDLive!

When coming up with this concept, we sought to build our event in a completely new way, adapting to the current situation. We wanted to be detached from the well-known online event forms to make the most out of the possibilities of the virtual space.

How will #BSidesBUDLive! work?

  • all presentations will be streamed online (you can see the schedule at our website, but there might be some minor changes in the final agenda);
  • our ticket buyers will receive a unique URL that leads to the online stream;
  • after each presentation, the audience will have a chance to ask questions from the presenters in 5 minutes on a previously given platform;
  • we’ll release some exciting games and the audience can take part in them in real-time during the conference;
  • there is going to be a live chat room where the online visitors will be able to have conversations;
  • we’ll also provide online workshop sessions in parallel with the presentations, and people can register for them 2 days before the conference;
  • PLEASE NOTE: only ticket buyers will get the unique URL for the stream and only ticket buyers will be available to register for the online workshop sessions, so if you want to take part of the event, please make sure to GET YOUR TICKET on time!

The online schedule of the conference will be almost the same as it was planned for #BSidesBUD2020 in March, and we are doing our best to provide the same quality content that you are used to getting at BSidesBUD conferences! With #BSidesBUDLive! we want to make history and it is not possible without our great audience!

We’ll keep you posted with actual information about #BSidesBUDLive! (workshop registration, program, the platform of communication etc.) so stay tuned!

See you in our virtual space in 2 weeks!

Stay safe & healthy!
The BSidesBUD Crew

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