Schedule for #BSidesBUD2022 has been announced!

We are thrilled to announce the schedule of #BSidesBUD2022 hybrid IT security conference, that is going to be held at Lurdy Conference Center on 26th May 2022! Just like the year before we received tons of great presentations, the Program Committee had a hard time choosing the very best of them. In addition to Hungarian IT professionals, speakers are joining the event from 8 different countries to talk about the latest trends in cybersecurity. Click here to check the schedule of presentations and workshop sessions!

In the last 2 years we were forced to do a stream-only conference, but this year it will be a hybrid event, meaning that all the presentations at the venue will be live-streamed online in parallel. At the venue, we’ll have a conference room for presentations and a separate room for comprehensive 2 hours long workshop sessions, getting back to the regular conference form. Yay! Altogether, there will be 4 interesting comprehensive workshop sessions throughout the day. Ticket buyers can register for these workshop sessions a few days before the conference.

The online part of the conference will be similar to last year, as we’ll have a live stream session with presentations and Q&A sessions with the speakers, where they can answer the questions of the audience arising at the official Discord channel of BSidesBUD. PLEASE NOTE: just the presentations will be streamed, the workshop sessions will be available ONLY at the venue of the conference.

Tickets for #BSidesBUD2022 can be purchased at THIS LOCATION!

Make sure to get yours on time and join us for another great on-site BSidesBUD experience! But do not worry if you cannot come to the venue! Grab a ticket and enjoy the presentations from home!

We cannot wait to see you on 26th May at Lurdy Conference Center!

Best regards,
The BSidesBUD Crew

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